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Complete Book of Shadows Over 190 Printed Loose Leaf Parchment Page Collection


You will receive over 190+ quality loose leaf parchment page(s) including the pages that are shown in images above. Majority of the pages will be double sided printed with info and images on both sides of the page. The pages are beautifully designed with both black and color text and images throughout.

A significant thing about these spells & rituals is that there is a very minimum amount of “supplies” that you will need to get busy with your magickal workings. There are some very common and easily found herbs, flowers, oils, candles, and other everyday objects like stones, string, clothespin, envelopes, etc. that you will use for the spell casting.

Each spell is written to be easily understood and followed by even those with very little or no prior experience with Wicca or Witchcraft or Pagan rituals of any kind. Yet, this beautiful book will be enjoyed and appreciated all the more by those of us with 10, 20 or 30+ years of experience in the Craft.

In the video below you will see a flip thru of one of my own collections that has many of these same pages. I provide this to give you an idea of how these pages look. Enjoy!

I have prepared a list here of some of the pages, there are far more pages inside this book than are listed here, but at least you can become familiar with the wealth of knowledge herein:

Book of shadows cover page, books dedication, ancient book of shadows blessing,

Spells: wish spells, all-purpose spells, desire spells, knot rituals, get what you want spells, inner power, gain wisdom and improve memory, psychic vision spell, elemental energy spells, find lost objects, banishing spells, curse and hex breaking spells, stop harassment, banish unwanted habits, banish stress and negativity, let go of the past, get rid of all your troubles, reverse spells cast upon you, banish ghosts and spirits, stop a liar, get rid of an annoying neighbor spell, undo bindings, unravel life, curse and hex breaking spells, healing, heal all spells, water-holed / witch’s stones spells, healing after sorrow or loss, change situations from bad to good, healing crystals, all-purpose healing, justice and fair treatment, to lose weight, skin and acne healing, heal physical pain, bring harmony and end the fight, lend healing to a friend or family member, bring more good times to your life, self-improvement, love, unconditional love, attract love, bring back your lover or spells to let go of your lover, soulmate spells, sex spells, love charms, for more romance, money luck career, good luck spells, draw good fortune and opportunity, manifest luck, success in court, draw luck to your home, money drawing candles, draw an exact sum of money, business enhancing spell, quickie money drawing, money drawing conjure bag, business success, spells to get a job, spells for successful in court, job interview spells, protection and binding spells, protection chants… and so on,

cleansing and consecrating, circle casting, circle closing, cleansing and dedication, consecration of tools athame & chalice, cleansing with smoke, magical cleansing baths, drawing down the moon, charge of the goddess, call to Hecate, all about Hecate, to request blessings and assistance from Hecate, charge of the Crone, charge of the God, charge of the Dark Goddess and Dark God, conjuring a spirit, incense recipes, bath oil potions, natural dyes, blended oil recipes, and so on...

laws and reference, three essentials of magic, different kinds of magic, sympathetic magic, attracting magic, contagious magic, vanishing and protective magic, binding magick, your magic wand, the pentagram, your personal alter, what shape should your altar be, items to place on the author, 13 goals of a witch, four powers of the magus, the purposes of white magic, personal magic, magic for others, magic to increase positivity, the four stages of magic, the focus, the action, raising power, release of power, dream journal, personal journal

Correspondence section, candle colors, magical numbers and their meanings, magical signs and symbols, the elements, earth air fire water, correspondence and meaning for fruits vegetables and greens, magical meanings for common kitchen items, magical meanings for common herbs and spices, for edible flowers

Wicca Sabbat holidays, herbs of the Sabbat, the wheel of the year, Yule meaning and invocation, Imbolc meaning and ritual, Ostara meaning and invocation, Beltane meaning and ritual, Litha meaning & invocation, lughnasadh meaning & invocation, Mabon meaning & ritual, Samhain All-Hallows Eve meaning & invocation.

And so on again, you get the picture

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