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About Us

Those of us here at Rare Wicca Spells enjoy being a part of the spiritual community and able to share our products and knowledge with others about the Sacred Tools of the Earth, so that the beauty and art of Spirit and Natural Magic blossoms in your life. As Spiritual Mentors our mission is to help spiritual practitioners like yourself, connect to the Magick that dwells within. By tapping into the amazing energies of this universe and by consciously directing our energy, we are able to create change. We are able to experience the true, raw essence of Transformation and Natural Magic! Magick is the stillness you feel surrounded by the forest, the gentle push of the ocean waves against your body, the caress of a feather willing the direction of smoke in the air. Magick is the smell of earth rubbed between your fingers, the irreplaceable connection to the other side, and the mystery that runs rampant throughout our lives. Magick is our source to the divine and our intuitive focus to create meaningful change.

Our mission is to provide the spiritual community all manner of magical tools, spell kits, and ritual supplies for both new age and traditional practitioners. Our products are both handmade by our owners Robert and Angela McAlister, or from small craftsmen and women, who provide us with hand-crafted and high quality items for many different forms of Spirituality and many traditions of Paganism including: Witchcraft, Wicca, Shamanism, Santeria, Asatru, Druidism, Voodoo and other paths that are difficult to find elsewhere. If you don’t find the item you’re seeking within the 6000+ items we have to offer, send us a message through our website ‘Contact Us’ link to let us know and we’ll be glad to see if we are able to add it to our shelves.

Our products line fulfills the needs and desires of anyone who is interested in nature, spirituality, universal energy, natural energies of crystals, stones and herbs; We offer over 6000 products that are not limited to just magic and spell supplies, you’ll find a wide variety of products including: An extensive offering of fun, funny, and thought provoking bumper stickers; Parchment posters inspired by myths, legends, gods, goddesses and magical lore; Hand painted statues and figurines; Incense and candles for home as well as magical rituals and spells; Beautiful banners, flags and pennants for your sacred space; Bells, treasure boxes, altar tables, and other décor; Herbal supplies, herbal teas, and smoking blends; Amulets and talismans for your magical crafts; Clothing for every day, festival, ritual and ceremony; Crystals and gemstones for energy and crystal healing; An amazing line of sterling silver, lead-free pewter, bone and glass jewelry; And much, much more.